The secrets of Einstein’s genius

When we say Einstein (✶1879 ✞ 1955) I recall Physics and the Theory of relativity with the well-known formula E = mc2 and also people like characters in the Big Bang theory. He was a great scientist and his discoveries have a big impact on what the world looks like today.

I always thought he was just a genius who had been researching something in his lab all the time. Something made me want to know what he was alike like a man. While searching the internet I came across a lot of quotes that led me to belief that he was not only a great scientist but also a wonderful person who can offer the society more than physical discoveries. According to the quotes I would say that his genius was founded in freedom, openness and common sense. Why didn’t they teach us this at school? After all, these quotes are much more valuable to students than some formula (except those who want to master the Physics).

Einstein reinforces my thoughts.

The following quote completes the idea I have had for some time in my head. Try to imagine it. In my opinion, this is the key to most of today’s problems to be solved.

“A human being is part of a whole that we call “the universe”, a part bounded in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest – it is a kind of optical illusion of his own consciousness. This fallacy is a kind of prison for us limiting us to our own desires and the relationship to some of our closest persons. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by expanding our circle of compassion to include all living creatures and nature in all its beauty. “

And here we have some more jewelery from Mr. Einstein which contradict the idea of today’s neglect.

“Don’t try to be successful. Try to be a man of value. “

“The evaluation of man should be based on what he gives, not on what he is able to obtain.”

“Everyone has two options. We are either filled with love… or fear. ”

“An individual’s life only makes sense if they beautify and cultivate the life of all living things.”

“Why has a great technique that saves us time and makes our lives so easy brought us just a little happiness? The answer is simple: because we haven’t learned to use it sensibly. ”

I can see that the education system wasn’t good back then.

Probably nothing has changed since then and how many years flew by?! Wait! Something has changed and it is the amount of information they are trying to stuff into the students plus the amount of stress. Personally, I feel negatively affected by the education system (in Czechia) even though it has given me a lot of useful knowledge but it still has something to improve.

“An overly competitive attitude is instilled into a student who is brought up to worship the success of his life as a preparation for his future career. Our entire educational system is suffering from this evil. ”

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish according to its ability to climb a tree, it will live all your life knowing it is incapable. ”

“It is a miracle that the modern methods of teaching have not yet suffocated the untouchable spirit of curiosity.”

“Knowledge, not imagination, is the true proof of intelligence.”

“The most important skill of a teacher is to awake the joy of creating and learning in students.”

“Avoid teaching a young person that success is the life goal in the usual sense of life.”

How can you not now what vegetarian eats?

How is it that someone knew this about 100 years ago and there are still people who don’t know what vegetarianism or even veganism is?

“Nothing will be more beneficial to human health and nothing will increase the chances of maintaining life on Earth more than the transition to vegetarian food.”

Religious rivalry still exists today?

I am going to repeat myself but how is it possible that someone knew this 100 years ago and yet there have been countless wars over religion? GDPR distinguishes between “personal data” and “sensitive personal data”. Information about religion is considered to be sensitive personal data. I think it is clear now that God does not exist as such. God is in every one of us and it is life itself. It is the invisible force that I call the “universe”. While religion still exists today’s society is lacking the faith and spirituality.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

“The difference between me and most of the so-called atheists is a sense of utter humility in front of the unmistakable mystery and harmony of the cosmos.”

“The most beautiful and deepest feeling a person can experience is to recognize the mystery. This is the fundamental principle of religion as well as all serious efforts in art and science. ”

“Every deep naturalist has to have a certain religious feeling because he cannot imagine that he would think the extraordinarily subtle connections he reveals himself for the first time. In the inconceivable universe there is immense prevailing reason. ”

Finally, I have my two favorites worth of mentioning.

“No problem can be solved at the same level of thought that created it.”

“Two things are endless: the universe and human stupidity.”

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