How naivety can be beneficial?

The dictionary explains naivety as lack of experience, wisdom or judgement. In principle the person neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. It is seen as weakness and also as feminine feature. However I think there is hidden power in it.

How is naivety perceived? 

Mostly I experienced this word in negative context. It feels like people are trying to eliminate naivety and hold onto the realistic and rational image. Naivety is considered to be weakness as it makes you feel vulnerable and stupid. In other words you are allowing yourself to be idealistic and having faith in very positive outcome. It makes you wonder and to be okay with uncertainty. This means that you’re accepting the possibility that things are not going to end up the desired way and be okay with it as well.

I sense a bit of spirituality in it. 

In my eyes it is the faith in better people and outcome. Also it boosts up the creativity and provides a dose of inspiration because you break free from old believes and stereotypes. It allows you to imagine all possible and impossible options, the unrealistic and new. Naivety is refreshing and uplifting. It enables you to see the same thing with the fresh eyes. It is also playful and unbridled – almost like flying high in between the clouds, passing pink unicorns on your way, grabbing delicious snack in your mouth which are levitating around. 

Distinction of GOOD and BAD is nonsense

I think the worst habit which people have is distinguishing between good and bad. Naturally everybody is trying to minimize the bad and maximize the good. Well I don’t believe things can be polarized like this. It always depends on the context and how the thing (in this case the feature) is used. Each thing can be used certain way in certain context to bring value. Plus, too much of anything sucks. 

Joy in being childish and playful

In one article I’ve read that spontaneity and naivety is characteristic for children and it is the most beautiful times in our lives. As we grow we become smart and knowledgeable about world. In other words locked in the stereotypes, skeptical and therefore grumpy. That article sucks by the way. I’d prefer to keep the child inside alive even in adulthood to bring more playfulness and joy into my life. 

Stay hungry and foolish

From time to time I allow myself to be naive and I enjoy it. It brings the fresh air and new adventures in my life. Although sometimes it ends up with disappointment. I always remember the quote from Steve Jobs “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Explore, be naive because you can find things you’ve never thought would exist.

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