Principles of climate change communication

Climate change has become a frequent cause of explosive debate in society. The number of articles on this topic is increasing. Social media is bombarding me with climate change posts, along with different opinions of people in the comments. Many people are called ecoterrorists. Society is confused and divided. Some people even avoid this topic […]

How to overcome Climate Grief

I love nature. I know I can’t live without it and I watch with disgust people striking it down again and again. It’s no secret, the internet is filled with that stuff. Who still does not believe it is probably in denial phase. Let’s figure out how you can cope with climate grief. Newspapers, the […]

Fighting for life

Today I took part in the “Breaking the Silence” action against climate change. I felt the glances and emotions of the people. Some judged me and did not understand me. Some felt threatened. But I feel extraordinary grateful for showing people what’s bothering me. It is the ongoing climate change and the fear that we […]

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