How naivety can be beneficial?

The dictionary explains naivety as lack of experience, wisdom or judgement. In principle the person neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. It is seen as weakness and also as feminine feature. However I think there is hidden power in it. How is naivety perceived?  Mostly I experienced this word in negative context. It feels […]

Are you creative enough? – how to boost your creativity

Going through the job offer advertisements sometimes makes me laugh and wonder who the hell wrote this ad? I can find requirements like hard-working, creative thinking, emphasis on quality and speed, loyalty and dedication to work, enthusiasm for the thing, willing to sacrifice for the project for many years, etc. The diamond of all of […]

Creativity and Theory of the Poser

I enter the vernissage with my friend who studied art. As we approach the group of her acquaintances I feel the people measuring me with a glance. About half of them will reply to my greeting and the rest will pretend to see through me. I am not wearing a hipster hat and I have […]

How to tell if the piece of art is good or not?

I’ve been asking this question for a while. It usually comes when I’m at the exhibition or similar cultural event. Why are some artists famous even though I don’t like their work and vice versa? How do I know if that image / text / movie will appeal to most audiences? How do people decide […]

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