Parents cripple their children in a good faith

These claims I hear from parents “Enjoy your life while you’re still young! Travel and study while you still can! Be grateful for having these traveling and studying opportunities because we didn’t have them!” or “You are so ungrateful!” created the impression that when I’m old my life is over and also that I have […]

How naivety can be beneficial?

The dictionary explains naivety as lack of experience, wisdom or judgement. In principle the person neglects pragmatism in favor of moral idealism. It is seen as weakness and also as feminine feature. However I think there is hidden power in it. How is naivety perceived?  Mostly I experienced this word in negative context. It feels […]

Travel obsession links to people’s mental distress

Traveling feels amazing. It opens up new perspectives and brings new adventures and acquaintances. It can enrich your life in multiple ways. I’m personally very grateful for all those places I’ve been and sometimes I wish I could go back in time to experience it again. I can only recommend travelling especially to young people […]

How to overcome Climate Grief

I love nature. I know I can’t live without it and I watch with disgust people striking it down again and again. It’s no secret, the internet is filled with that stuff. Who still does not believe it is probably in denial phase. Let’s figure out how you can cope with climate grief. Newspapers, the […]

Have you already found someone who will limit your freedom?

We perceive the relationship as a restriction of freedom. How could we not to? Tradition teaches us that. For example symbolically putting the horse-collar on a groom’s neck or the attachment of a good old burden ball to his leg. Deterring, right? The term “marriage bond” gives the impression of something binding and restrictive. The […]

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